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We would like to present our step by step instruction to show you how our online technical support works.

Step 1: Contact and Connection
1.1. The customer initiates contact through the preferred communication channel, such as email, phone, or website form.
1.2. Our team promptly responds to the customer, acknowledging their request and providing guidance on the next steps.
1.3. If necessary, the team schedules a convenient time for the online technical support session.

Step 2: Confirming Tools and Platforms
2.1. Prior to the support session, our team confirms the tools and platforms that will be used for remote assistance. This could include TeamViewer, Microsoft Teams, Discord, or other remote access and communication tools.
2.2. If the customer is unfamiliar with the selected tools, our team provides clear instructions on how to download, install, and set them up.

Step 3: Setting Up Remote Access
3.1. With the customer’s consent, our team establishes a secure remote connection using the agreed-upon tool, such as TeamViewer.
3.2. Our team guides the customer through the process of granting remote access permissions, ensuring that they feel comfortable and informed about the actions being taken.

Step 4: Communication and Troubleshooting
4.1. Once the remote connection is established, our team communicates with the customer using the selected platform, such as Microsoft Teams or Discord.
4.2. Our team actively listens to the customer’s description of the technical issue and asks relevant questions to gather additional information.
4.3. Based on the information provided, our team identifies possible solutions and explains them clearly and concisely to the customer.
4.4. If necessary, our team provides step-by-step instructions, screenshots, or screen sharing to guide the customer through the troubleshooting process.

Step 5: Resolving the Issue
5.1. Our team implements the agreed-upon solution, whether it involves adjusting settings, updating software, or resolving conflicts.
5.2. Throughout the process, our team maintains open communication with the customer, providing updates on progress and addressing any questions or concerns.

Step 6: Testing and Verification
6.1. After implementing the solution, our team performs tests to ensure that the issue has been successfully resolved.
6.2. If further adjustments are required, our team communicates the necessary steps to the customer and makes the required changes with their permission.
6.3. Our team verifies with the customer that the problem is resolved to their satisfaction.

Step 7: Closing the Session
7.1. Once the issue is resolved, our team securely disconnects from the customer’s device, ensuring the privacy and security of their information.
7.2. Our team summarizes the steps taken during the session and confirms with the customer that they are satisfied with the support received.
7.3. If necessary, our team provides additional guidance or resources to help the customer prevent similar issues in the future.


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