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We would you to present  five packages for promoting and marketing products from online shops/stores using social media. Please check it out and let us know if you are intrested.


1. **Starter Social Media Boost – £199/month:
– Social Media Account Setup (Facebook and Instagram)
– Basic Profile Optimization and Branding
– Bi-Weekly Product Posts (up to 10 posts per month)
– Simple Graphic Design for 2 Promotional Posts
– Monthly Analytics Overview Report
– Email Support (Response within 48 hours)

2. **Product Showcase Package – £349/month:
– Additional Social Media Platform Setup (Twitter or Pinterest)
– Weekly Product Posts (up to 15 posts per month)
– Enhanced Graphic Design for 4 Promotional Posts
– Social Media Engagement (responding to comments and messages)
– Monthly Analytics Report with Insights
– Priority Email Support (Response within 24 hours)

3. **E-commerce Growth Package – £499/month:
– Social Media Management on 2 Platforms
– Daily Product Posts (up to 20 posts per month)
– Custom Graphic Design for 6 Promotional Posts
– Social Media Advertising Consultation
– Monthly Performance Report and Recommendations
– Bi-Weekly 30-Minute Consultation Call

4. **Brand Ambassador Package – £699/month:
– Social Media Management on 3 Platforms
– Daily Product Posts with Storytelling (up to 25 posts per month)
– Advanced Graphic Design for 8 Promotional Posts
– Influencer Outreach (collaborations with micro-influencers)
– Social Media Advertising Management (budget not included)
– Monthly 1-Hour Consultation Call
– 24/7 Email Support

5. **Ultimate E-commerce Domination – £999/month:
– Social Media Management on 4 Platforms
– Daily Product Posts with Creative Storytelling (up to 30 posts per month)
– Premium Graphic Design for 10 Promotional Posts
– Influencer Collaborations (arranging partnerships with influencers)
– Social Media Advertising Management (including budget)
– Advanced Analytics and Strategy Adjustments
– Monthly Performance Deep Dive Call
– Emergency 24/7 Support


If you are intrested please contact with us by email or give as a call . Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any other queries.

Kind Regards
Infinity DIS
Matthew S.

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