Managing Products Packages


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We would like you to present our flexible offers about Managing Products Packages on your store online.

1. **Product Listing Starter – £199/month:
   – Basic Product Setup (up to 50 products)
   – Product Title and Description Optimization
   – Image Upload and Basic Editing
   – Price and Inventory Management
   – Monthly Report on Product Performance
   – Email Support (Response within 48 hours)
2. **Essential Product Management – £349/month:
   – Additional Product Setup (up to 100 products)
   – Enhanced Product Descriptions and SEO Optimization
   – Basic Category and Tag Management
   – Price Adjustments and Discounts
   – Monthly Report with Sales Analytics
   – Priority Email Support (Response within 24 hours)
3. **E-commerce Growth Package – £499/month:
   – Advanced Product Setup (up to 200 products)
   – Strategic Category Planning and Optimization
   – Inventory Tracking and Reorder Management
   – Cross-Sell and Upsell Strategies
   – Monthly Sales Performance and Conversion Analysis
   – Bi-Weekly 30-Minute Consultation Call
4. **Brand Expansion Package – £699/month:
   – Extended Product Setup (up to 300 products)
   – Product Variation Management (sizes, colors, etc.)
   – Seasonal and Campaign Product Highlighting
   – Customer Review Management
   – Abandoned Cart Analysis and Recovery Strategies
   – Monthly 1-Hour Consultation Call
   – 24/7 Email Support
5. **Ultimate E-commerce Domination – £999/month:
   – Extended Product Setup and Management (up to 500 products)
   – Product Variation Management (sizes, colors, etc.)
   – Advanced Product Page Customization
   – Integrated Product Launch Strategies
   – Competitor Product Analysis
   – Continuous Conversion Rate Optimization
   – Monthly Performance Deep Dive Call
   – Emergency 24/7 Support
These packages are designed to cater to businesses looking for various levels of product listing and management support on their online stores. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.
Kind Regards
Infinity DIS

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