Online Tutoring Course for Beginners



We can individualy prepare you for Online tutoring. Course can be done online or physicaly in our place or your place.

Course: Introduction to Online Tutoring and Computer Skills

Module 1: Computer Basics and Getting Started

  1. Lesson 1: Introduction to Computers
    • Understanding what a computer is and its components
    • Different types of computers (desktop, laptop, tablet, etc.)
    • Turning on and shutting down the computer
  2. Lesson 2: Navigating the Operating System (Windows 10)
    • Exploring the desktop, taskbar, and Start menu
    • Launching applications and managing open windows
    • Understanding file management and the File Explorer

Module 2: Internet and Online Communication

3. Lesson  Introduction to the Internet

    • Understanding what the internet is and how it works
    • Using web browsers to access information online
  1. Lesson 4: Email Basics
    • Setting up and using an email account
    • Composing, sending, and receiving emails
    • Managing email folders and contacts

Module 3: Online Communication and Collaboration Tools

5. Lesson  Introduction to Online Communication Tools

    • Understanding online chat and messaging platforms
    • Using video conferencing tools for virtual communication
  1. Lesson 6: Collaboration Tools for Online Tutoring
    • Exploring collaborative platforms for sharing documents and resources
    • Using online whiteboards and interactive tools for tutoring sessions

Module 4: Online Tutoring Skills and Techniques

7. Lesson  Effective Communication as an Online Tutor

    • Tips for clear and concise communication with students
    • Active listening and engaging with online learners
  1. Lesson 8: Planning and Delivering Engaging Lessons
    • Setting learning objectives and lesson plans
    • Incorporating multimedia and interactive elements in tutoring sessions
  2. Lesson 9: Time Management and Scheduling
    • Managing tutoring schedules and appointments
    • Setting boundaries and optimizing tutoring hours

Module 5: Online Tutoring Best Practices and Troubleshooting

10. Lesson Online Tutoring Best Practices

    • Ensuring a safe and secure online tutoring environment
    • Adapting teaching techniques to meet individual student needs
  1. Lesson Troubleshooting Technical Issues
    • Identifying common technical challenges in online tutoring
    • Troubleshooting connectivity and software problems

Module 6: Final Project and Practice Sessions

12. Lesson 12: Final Project – Mock Tutoring Session –

    • Students will conduct a mock tutoring session with feedback from the instructor
  1. Lesson Practice Sessions and Peer Review
    • Students will participate in practice tutoring sessions with each other, followed by peer feedback and improvement suggestions

Course Conclusion: Graduation and Certification

    • Final assessments and evaluation of student performance
    • Awarding certificates of completion to successful participants

Throughout the course, students will engage in practical exercises, hands-on activities, and interactive sessions to build confidence in using computers and mastering online tutoring skills. The course should be designed to be beginner-friendly, allowing participants to progress at their own pace while providing ample support and guidance to help them become proficient online tutors.

Kind Regards
Mateusz Surdel

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